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What are the benefits of an App for your company?

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Mobile applications are becoming more and more popular among companies who use them for various purposes. In this article we want to highlight the key points that show the fundamental reasons for having an iOS or Android application for your company.

1. Direct communication to your audience and divided by geographical area

An application is immediately at hand and engages the public like no other tool. For example for the launch of new products or new items or services, discounts, offers etc. with an app you will be able to engage your audience immediately.

Furthermore, the users of the app can be easily categorized and make sure that your communication reaches only those who should receive it, such as all those who have purchased the product X or all those who have downloaded the app for only a month and much more.

2. Loyalty

Developing customer loyalty is a critical point for all companies, loyal customers continue to buy from you, an application helps to speed up this process, as if it were a membership card for your business. It also creates recognition of your brand so your customers will know where to go when they need your product or service.

3. The website creates awareness but it is the app that creates the sale

The research concluded that in order to purchase a product or service, shoppers look on their mobile phone rather than a desktop computer and most of these searches are done while people are traveling from one place to another, on the train, on the bus etc. . Shopping on a app are faster, most online purchases are made through apps, not from websites with a comparison of 70% of purchases made with Mobile versus 30% on the Desktop!

4. A great tool for engaging customers

While business-to-customer communication is important in marketing, the opposite is even more important, users want to be heard and an app gives them the best tool to communicate with your company.

5. Makes you stand out from others

Even today, having an application is a rare thing for a business, so having it will capture the attention of your potential audience and make you gain ground on the competition.

6. Give your brand a boost

There is a lot of advertising out there, so only the big one really attracts attention, an App will make sure you are recognized as someone different, don’t do what others do, be unique.

7. Get more visibility

The Google and Apple App Store offers a new showcase for your business, you will be found where you weren’t before and this will give you the opportunity to reach new customers and be noticed. Plus, since 70% of both Internet traffic and purchases take place on mobile, your growth can become exponential!

So what are you waiting for? Contact your developer ticinoWEB to make yours application !