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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

The Whim of Ordering Pizza Tonight


One of the latest published sites of which we are proud: the site of the Pizzeria Il Capriccio in Cugnasco! It is an eCommerce site to order online in comfort. In addition to the menu, the site contains extensive information on the origin and processing of the ingredients and the dough.

Having studied and worked with the greatest in Italy, the owner Giuseppe Rodà decided to open his own pizzeria to offer a variety of tasty and light pizzas in the Sopraceneri. Thanks to the strictly followed principles of the trade, the use of stone-ground type 2 flour, the use of mother yeast and the long leavening, his pizzas are really like the pizza of the past: substantial and light dough, seasoning with fresh and local ingredients of high quality, which you feel when you eat.

Tested by ourselves, we can say that these pizzas are fine even for those who usually suffer from a mild / medium-mild intolerance to gluten!

Last but not least, as Master Pizzaiolo, Mr. Rodà holds courses for pizza chefs in his laboratory. Do you want to try the Maestro’s pizza? It can happen as a side effect of reading this article. 😉

Take a look at the site here: pizzeriailcapriccio.ch and if you are thinking of creating your online shop, contact us. Your project will be in good hands – we take great care to tailor websites exactly the way you want them.