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Painting Contractor Sees Greater Effectiveness with Odoo Management.

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Why did our customers choose Odoo as their enterprise software? Here is the experience of another of our clients: The company was unaware of what Odoo was before it was introduced to them by ticinoWEB. He was only interested in having an accurate customer schedule and the ability to bill with the QR code. Today […]

Case Study Odoo: the Customer Experience of a Real Estate Agency

Are you looking for a comprehensive and intuitive real estate management software but don’t know which one would be for you? To give anyone interested an idea about the range of Odoo’s functionality, we have set up this “Customer Experience” of a real estate agency for whom we implemented several modules during the year 2022 […]

6 Reasons to Choose Odoo Management.

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Odoo management software is highly recommended and not only because it has 7 million active users and the company has a growth rate of +60% per year.Let’s see together what are the most important points to choose Odoo for. 1. One for all: one software to manage all business functions, from CRM management, billing and […]

Easy-to-Use Management Software Tailor-Made

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Are you already familiar with Odoo? Our outstanding business management system that can be adapted to your company’s needs. It is based on interconnected modules that then form a single management system to manage all business functions. For example, you can enter invoices once for both you and the trustee. Unlimited users can be added […]

Odoo management – the easy-to-use customized management system

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A management system that accommodates unlimited users and is fully custom adaptable? Odoo management is taking the market by storm because of these advantages. It is a module-structured management system, like a jigsaw puzzle-the client chooses the pieces to fit together, as he or she has the freedom to implement only those modules that the […]

The end of the slip as we know it

Paraphrasing a famous Marketing book we could say “The End of Cedolino as we know it” which precisely translates into “The end of the Cedolino as we know it” Yes, the innovation has also arrived for the famous payment slip (PVR). From June 30, PostFinance will activate the payslips in QR Code format and within […]

Slip! How will we do without you?

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Swiss banks and Swiss Post are already changing their IT systems to comply with the new payment standard: THE QR CODE. In the future, all invoice payments must be published with a QR Code inserted in the invoices to speed up their accounting registration, payments, facilitate traceability and avoid errors. What does it mean for […]

When you send an offer, do you want to know if they have seen it?

With our company management software you can now see if the recipient has seen your offer, or your message, directly within the management system. We have just internally developed an additional module for the company management software that allows you to see if an email or an offer, an invoice or anything else sent by […]

New program for project cost management!

As part of the development of the Odoo business management software today we have published the PROJECT OVERVIEW module in the store! This module allows you to easily monitor the income and expenses of your projects, whether for construction, or if you are a furniture shop or more. You can buy it directly from us […]

Where your ideas take flight!

In these days the new ticinoWEB radio campaign will start on Radio Fiume Ticino! Here you can listen to the announcement in preview!