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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Painting Contractor Sees Greater Effectiveness with Odoo Management.

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Why did our customers choose Odoo as their enterprise software?

Here is the experience of another of our clients:

The company was unaware of what Odoo was before it was introduced to them by ticinoWEB. He was only interested in having an accurate customer schedule and the ability to bill with the QR code. Today he cannot help but use the program to make an estimate and then an invoice.

In addition, the client as a painter was also interested in having a history of his contacts, specifying what work, what product, and what color had been applied and where. The feature was not already present in Odoo but, no problem, it was tailored to the need by ticinoWEB.

Does this sound like software that could be useful in your business? Would you need the management features adapted on your business processes?

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