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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Odoo management – the easy-to-use customized management system

QR billing with odoo management software

A management system that accommodates unlimited users and is fully custom adaptable?

Odoo management is taking the market by storm because of these advantages. It is a module-structured management system, like a jigsaw puzzle-the client chooses the pieces to fit together, as he or she has the freedom to implement only those modules that the company needs.

After that, these modules can be customized to reflect the operational needs that the company faces.

There are forms for customer master data, billing, supplies, sales contracting, accounting, inventory management, project management, and more. These modules are framed together to form an integrated business management system-data are entered once and then accessed by the other modules that communicate with each other.

An advantage not to be overlooked, multiple users can be connected to the Odoo management system without limit, and without increasing costs.

Among our references we can boast of management systems implemented for real estate agencies, construction management office, several eCommerce and various companies from different industries using the modules of

  • accounting
  • Invoicing, including the issuance of QR invoices
  • warehouse management
  • construction management
  • sales contracts
  • personnel administration
  • Payroll Envelopes

To form your own opinion, take a look at the different forms on the dedicated page of our website here. It contains additional information and demonstration videos explaining the features available in Odoo.