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6 Reasons to Choose Odoo Management.

customized management system

Odoo management software is highly recommended and not only because it has 7 million active users and the company has a growth rate of +60% per year.
Let’s see together what are the most important points to choose Odoo for.

1. One for all: one software to manage all business functions, from CRM management, billing and accounting, but also personnel: attendance, vacation and payroll. There are separate modules for project management, warehouse and eCommerce, and more. Your company can choose only those modules that you need, and implement the management system based on those modules.

2. Integration between modules: the modules in Odoo are connected to each other and you will not need to extract data to pass it to another department, all information is available at any time for any business function. Of course, you can choose what to show users in case you don’t want to show exactly everything.

Other comprehensive software can be found on the market, but it is too complex and rigid. Simple software can also be found that covers only one need, however. Odoo has managed to do both: be a comprehensive software, and at the same time simple and intuitive.

3. Customizable: Thanks to its modular structure you can use only the modules that really serve your business flow. In addition, because Odoo is open source, that is, the source code is open to all developers, you can modify the modules further, adding or modifying features as dictated by your company’s needs.

Because Odoo is not designed for a particular industry or business model but adapts easily to any business flow, today it is used by restaurants and clothing stores, metal manufacturing companies and law firms, mobile phone operators and e-commerce.

4. Simple and Intuitive: Odoo, with its extremely simple and uncluttered graphical interface, is easy to use from the very first use. After short training sessions you will be able to use it independently.

5. Always with you: it can be used from any browser and any device, accessible remotely even from the home office.

6. Economical: Odoo in its Community version is already a very good value for money management system, but in addition it boasts the fact that it has no licensing costs, so you can create infinite users without impacting the cost of the program.