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Painting Contractor Sees Greater Effectiveness with Odoo Management.

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Why did our customers choose Odoo as their enterprise software? Here is the experience of another of our clients: The company was unaware of what Odoo was before it was introduced to them by ticinoWEB. He was only interested in having an accurate customer schedule and the ability to bill with the QR code. Today […]

Case Study Odoo: the Customer Experience of a Real Estate Agency

Are you looking for a comprehensive and intuitive real estate management software but don’t know which one would be for you? To give anyone interested an idea about the range of Odoo’s functionality, we have set up this “Customer Experience” of a real estate agency for whom we implemented several modules during the year 2022 […]

6 Reasons to Choose Odoo Management.

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Odoo management software is highly recommended and not only because it has 7 million active users and the company has a growth rate of +60% per year.Let’s see together what are the most important points to choose Odoo for. 1. One for all: one software to manage all business functions, from CRM management, billing and […]