Remote Access

Request the code from one of our support engineers to allow remote access to your computer. (For Desktop Computers only)


What does our support consist of? It consists in running that extra kilometer to solve the problem. For example, we take care not only of selling an efficient corporate email service, but also, if necessary, of personally going to the company to install the service on your computers and mobile phones.

As for the websites that we host on our servers, we manage them so that they work, it means that we make all the necessary updates, we install the security certificates (SSL) on your sites, if necessary we also make small changes to the site.

In short, we take care of you. The services we offer have integrated support, which is why we define our hosting service as an integrated hosting service.

You can count on us, when there is a need we are there.

Telephone Support

If you prefer to call us, we are available at the following number:

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Contact us via Chat for any technical, sales or billing questions.