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Long live the Ecology! Long live Milan! Long live Ge.Am. !

Let’s save the world! We use services such as GE.AM.Srl to recycle waste of any kind. And with great pride today we put their new website online: ge-am-srl.it Ge.Am.Srl is a service company that carries out the intermediation of hazardous and non-hazardous special waste, without holding waste. Ge.Am.Srl is registered in the National Register of […]

The Mask is in Fashion

What can I say, it is the fashion of the moment, it is the latest cry, we cannot do without it: masks and disinfectants. So today we send the Sanit24 website online, a company specialized in the supply of Masks, Sanitizing Liquids and much more. They supply these products in large quantities at the best […]