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Locarno websites: CVG Wolf now online!

A new ticinoWEB website is online! Visit it here: cvgwolf.ch For a work of Tinsmithery, for Waterproofing and Resins, CVG Wolf is a guarantee of competence and professionalism. Here their WHO WE ARE Previously gained experience on the ground and abroad, in particular in Germany. We specialize in waterproofing flat roofs, various types of thermal […]

Internet site restyling, this is the turn of Estetica Prisca in Lugano

Estetica Prisca entrusted us with the restyling of its estetica-prisca.ch website, which went online today! We are very proud of the result, we have taken apart and reassembled the site piece by piece, adding all the elements that the customer had requested and more. We invite you to take a look! Aesthetics Prisca Estetica Prisca […]

Web Designer in Locarno creates a new website for Due P Tecnica Sagl

It’s a true story, it happened in Locarno, our Web Designer has created a completely new website for Due P Tecnica from Magadino, Gambarogno. Responsive website which therefore adapts to mobile screens. To visit it please here We have been present in Canton Ticino since 2012, in the Sotto, Sopra Ceneri and in the Italian […]

LiteSpeed Server now available for your website

Until now, there were mainly two types of WordPress site servers: Apache and Nginx. Today there is also LiteSpeed which combines the benefits of both at double the speed. This type of server is now available at ticinoWEB thanks to our partner Infomaniak. Thanks to our work we are able to offer this service at […]