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Company email

More and more we are asked for help with business email. This is necessary because many companies still use bluewin or sunrise for their corporate email without realizing that these services are not for professional use, for example they only have a limited amount of GB so when they run out they don’t receive any […]

Websites in Locarno: New Website for Dellen und Beulen

Today we are pleased to present the new website for the first ecological body shop in Ticino: Dellen und Beulen ABOUT US We traveled around the world years ago, in countries such as: Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Italy, Holland, Argentina, Turkey, etc., fixing different types of damage, but especially hail damage.Our company has a large […]

Websites, Graphics, Design, the principle we work on

When we have to design something for a client, when we create a site, a graphic, a logo, the first thing we ask ourselves is: WHAT SHOULD YOU SEND? So our journey begins. What emotion should it arouse? Do we want you to surprise? Do you communicate love? Connection? Joy? After that the ideas start […]

Video Productions in Locarno: Opel Zafira Life


ticinoWEB is also video. Video communication is the most effective in the Marketing world because it brings together 2 sensory channels at the same time: sight, hearing. This is enough to communicate emotions, convey feelings, arouse interest. That’s why Autonec SA in Riazzino regularly airs new videos to promote Opel products. Here the latest video […]

The best person to hire for a promotional video

The best person to hire for a promotional video for your business is not a video maker, not that person who is passionate about making videos. Because? For several reasons, first of all because his priority will be to show in the video how good and how professional he is at making videos so that […]

Web Designer in Locarno creates a new website for Due P Tecnica Sagl

It’s a true story, it happened in Locarno, our Web Designer has created a completely new website for Due P Tecnica from Magadino, Gambarogno. Responsive website which therefore adapts to mobile screens. To visit it please here We have been present in Canton Ticino since 2012, in the Sotto, Sopra Ceneri and in the Italian […]

LiteSpeed Server now available for your website

Until now, there were mainly two types of WordPress site servers: Apache and Nginx. Today there is also LiteSpeed which combines the benefits of both at double the speed. This type of server is now available at ticinoWEB thanks to our partner Infomaniak. Thanks to our work we are able to offer this service at […]