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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

The best person to hire for a promotional video


The best person to hire for a promotional video for your business is not a video maker, not that person who is passionate about making videos.


For several reasons, first of all because his priority will be to show in the video how good and how professional he is at making videos so that he can get more engagements, what he actually produces is not a promotion for you and your product but a promotion. for himself.

Also the reason why it doesn’t make an effective marketing piece is that it will be totally absorbed in the technical details to bring out the color, the lights, the angles etc. etc. and therefore they will forget the main message which is to sell your product or service.

The message that will pass through the video will be: how beautiful this video is! And not: where can I get this product or service?

So don’t care about the false professionalism so praised by video enthusiasts, look at the communication, ask yourself: what does this video convey? Does the message get through? Will it make an impact on those who see it in relation to my product or service? And if the video is also a technical masterpiece, the better! But prioritize your product and service.

So if you want to hire a video maker, write the script yourself and supervise the production or rely on a marketing agency and not a video maker.

Good shooting!

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If there is fruit and vegetables to sell, in the video you will see your fruit and vegetables, not just a couple of lovers …