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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Software as a Service? You can do it too!

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Do you run a successful business? Or do you have an idea for a service that could be of enormous benefit?

Read on, this article is for you.

SaaS, Software as a Service (in Italian: Software as a Service) is a rapidly growing industry, here a couple of facts about it:

Gartner predicts this industry will grow to 143 billion dollars by 2022 . Those who enter this market will now have a better chance of grabbing a slice of this market.

You may think that creating a website that can handle Software as a Service can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In some cases this is the case, it can take months of development by dozens of programmers, sweat and passion to develop new software.

In certain cases Not that’s how it is.

The software you want to make available and for which you want to receive regular payment could be easy to develop and be based on existing solutions, it certainly costs more than a normal site, but here at ticinoWEB we can develop your platform for online software sales. and manage the hosting for you.

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Who should develop a Saas platform?

Let’s say you are a successful entrepreneur, you know well how the business works and must work, so you could develop a software for the management of your business and make it available to other people through your website through a SaaS platform developed by ticinoWEB.

It could be a simple software for the management of new clients by a beauty salon, maybe you are a beautician and you know exactly what the software for a salon should be like, we can help you develop this software and then we can make this software available of others who will then pay you a monthly subscription for use on your platform.

This is possible.

And the costs are sustainable.

Contact us for a free consultation, that’s why we are here.