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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

What Does Marketing Do?


Marketing is many things, what I want to tell you about is WHAT IT DOES. Marketing as an added value to your product or service.

I’ll give you an example, I offer you two apples, these months are the same, from the same tree, but I tell you that the first apple was picked by a young and beautiful girl who has dedicated her entire life to the apple harvest and with the dream to bring the fruits of his land on everyone’s table, the other is just an apple.

Which would you choose?

Obviously the one caught by the young and beautiful girl. Even if you taste these two apples (remember that they are from the same tree) you will say that the apple picked by the young and beautiful girl is tastier, more genuine.

So what’s the difference here? AND the added value of marketing , is an added meaning to the product and service.

The job of a marketing agency is to build this story, based on true facts, and communicate it so that the public buys your apples.

Enjoy your meal 🙂

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