web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona
web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Here the Paw Web Designer!


Yes, this time they gave us the Paw, who? Here the Paw of Biasca! Their shop is now a fundamental pillar for all the Dogs and Cats of Biasca and surroundings.

Qua la Zampa is a shop of Articles and Accessories for Pets.

This work has also given us the opportunity to work with Bea, a wonderful person who has been taking care of the shop for over 25 years. Everyone knows Bea in Biasca, she is a scquisit and nice person, I will always remember the first time I met her in which I gave him the most obvious joke that could be made: Qua la Zampa! And she smiled at me genuinely, not at all resentful of the joke that she will have heard and resent a million times by now.

And so our story with Qua la Zampa was born, which led us into the ever new and lively world of pets. We built their website with a lot of passion and interest, it’s great to work and serve people like them.

It is people like them who make Ticino a wonderful place to live.

So I just have to present their new site to you: qualazampa.ch

If you feel like giving us the paw too, do not hesitate, we are ready to assist you with everything we have.