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Advertising cost, how to calculate it?


What is the value of advertising? The cost is calculated mainly based on visibility, a newspaper calculates it based on the circulation, television based on the users who watch it.

Online is calculated in several ways, not only based on the views of your advertisement but also based on the interactions obtained and sometimes also based on the sales obtained of the product.

When an advertising package is offered to you, it is therefore important to evaluate the actual volume of visibility it gives.

The second factor is effectiveness, as you could spend millions to tell everyone to buy ice cubes but if nobody cares it will be money thrown away.

Then we have to evaluate the message we want to give, if we want to say that our bicycles are the best when the interest of potential buyers is if they can download the cost of the bicycle from the health insurance company still it will make a hole in the water. .

In summary there are therefore 3 factors implicit in an advertising campaign, the visibility of the channels used, the market interest, the message used.

When you have all 3 you have a successful advertising campaign.

How is each one dealt with?

1. The first question is: what is the market for my product? Put that I live in the desert, is water a valuable commodity here? I think so, and the stoves? I really think not, try to sell heating to people living in Egypt and you will see that you will not sell much. So the first thing in marketing is to find a need, an area of the market where there is demand, interest that people are aware of or not, often they are not but with our marketing campaign we can make them become so.

2.Advertising channels, those who watch them are analyzed, for example Instagram is followed mainly by young people, engine magazines by mechanics and garages, Google is good for products that require a search such as artisans and particular products that people don’t know about who to contact, needs it and then go to Google. You can use a mix of the different channels, everything is based on the product itself and who the potential customers are, a channel that is watched by 10 people a day is not an advertising channel, no matter what the seller tells you. The advertising channel serves to put the company in contact with the potential buyer.

2. Message. Now that we have the product, we have the channel. What’s missing? The message: what do we tell the prospect? We sell towels on the Amalfi coast through stalls, here it’s simple, we just show them the towels. Do we want to sell coffee capsules online? Promoting our advantageous price could be a winning move, or promoting biodegradability could be functional. It will be necessary to carry out a small survey and ask the consumers of coffee capsules what they want, what they want from a coffee capsule. Say, for example, most say: I want it to be intense! Well, our advertising message will be based on that.

This point includes, one might call it point 2A, the analysis and optimization of results. If a message is not giving results there will be something wrong with one of the points above, so analyze and correct it as you go along until you have a successful campaign!

Here are the three fundamental points of an effective marketing campaign. Obviously, efficient delivery lines and the quality of the product itself will have to be added to ensure continuity over time. But the above will be enough to create a sales boom!

Good luck.