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QR Invoicing : Deadline September 30

QR Billing

From October 1, 2022, only QR-coded invoices will be allowed to be used throughout Switzerland instead of orange or red inpayment slips. Payments and standing orders based on deposit slips can no longer be processed. So there is no time to waste: now is the time to adapt your solution for debtors and creditors. The […]

Odoo management – the easy-to-use customized management system

QR billing with odoo management software

A management system that accommodates unlimited users and is fully custom adaptable? Odoo management is taking the market by storm because of these advantages. It is a module-structured management system, like a jigsaw puzzle-the client chooses the pieces to fit together, as he or she has the freedom to implement only those modules that the […]

Handmade Instruments

web design ticino

We are happy to have been able to contribute to traditional arts with this new website of Liuteria Lanini & Natolini SA, which represents a special craft: the construction and restoration of stringed instruments. From adjustment to maintenance to delicate restoration work, each instrument is treated by experienced hands with full respect for the style […]

Besomi Flooring, Four Generations of Excellence

corporate website design

The Adolfo Besomi SA company has been providing high-quality floor-laying services for four generations. They recently decided to do a redesign to their website and turned to ticinoWEB. Thus was born their new website, a showcase for the services they offer and the work they do. The site design fully showcases their services, and the […]

Looking for a place to eat out?

web design ticino gastronomic

It is on the gastronomic platform designed by ticinoWEB, where you can find articles on events and recommended restaurants to spend valuable time with those around you, whether for a pleasant evening, or for events and ideas for fun with friends and family. With an appealing and welcoming design, we created the framework our client […]

How to Bring a Physical Store Online

web design shop online

Recently published the online store of Ti-Shop by Luisa, a store of products made in Ticino! With a wide selection of Ticino products, Luisa has been serving customers for more than a year. Already a ticinoWEB customer, he has now decided to expand his online presence by turning his site into an online shop. With […]

Online Shop for Beauty Professionals

web design beauty center

The new website of Lugano-based C.N.D Estetik Sagl, a supplier of beauty products to beauty professionals throughout Switzerland, is online. The site is a neat eCommerce with all the functions for safe and convenient shopping. Well-defined categories and clean design, these are the aspects we focused on while creating the design. You can visit the […]

Corfin Pittori, 20 years of passion

corporate website design

The new site signed ticinoWEB that best represents the Corfin company has arrived! A young and dynamic company, always looking for innovations and new working techniques to fully satisfy customers. The website highlights the quality of their services through images of work performed over time, reflecting their professionalism. A website that is simple but at […]

Trendy food and a GOOD coffee during the Locarno Film Festival

inka bistro bar website design

A very popular location, overlooking the Piazza Grande, the central site of the Film Festival and many other summer events-most of you are probably already familiar with theInka Bistrot Bar, where you can find good (and even trendy) food at any time of day. And here’s their new website: inkabistrotbar.ch, created by ticinoWEB, with a […]

New Site for Hello Banana Car Rental

web design for car rental

TicinoWEB does not stop with website implementation during the summer vacations! Recently we published the new website of Hello Banana Rent, a car rental business in Paradiso. On the site one can inquire about the models in the fleet, contact the company and book a car pickup appointment. With a refreshing design, the site stands […]