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FirstOption’s purpose is to help Ticino companies gain new customers and thus assist the Ticino economy to grow. The ultimate goal is to create well-being.

Too often we have found ourselves climbing the mountain alone, FirstOption throws you a rope to help you reach the top.


Receive genuine and free quote requests.

Both by companies that have subscribed to the FirstOption program, and by individuals.


When YOU need it, send a request for a quote to FirstOption.

The request for a quote is not binding.


Have a company based in Ticino and register with FirstOption. That's all.

How to sign up

Fill in the form below!

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Welcome to FirstOption

Why FirstOption

Simply because over the years of work in Marketing the thing most requested by companies is always this: more customers.
And the second? To spend less!
So we said, let’s give it to them for free! We believe companies shouldn’t have to pay to receive quote requests.
We help you climb the mountain to meet us at the summit.
That’s all. Sounds too simple? Yes, that’s precisely because it is.

Do you need a quote?

For any kind of work you need, we will forward your request for a quote to the Ticinese company closest to you.