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The management software integrates ALL the functions of a company

The optimization of numerical processes inevitably occurs from the bundling of software.

Digitization is at the heart of cultural and social change and a society cannot escape this evolution. This transition has only advantages: having an acute knowledge of the internal needs of the company and being in search of the evolution of the market.

A global view of the dashboard’s activities allows you to coordinate budget planning and offer valuable decision support, a significant performance gain over the competition.

ticinoWEB brings together all management software such as ERP, CRM, CMS, Website, cash register, computers, mobile phones and tablets in a single solution.

Enterprise Resource Planning

It includes all the internal functions of a company, from accounting, to bank payments, to payroll. It integrates with all banks using the latest e-banking standards. All 100% Swiss certified.

Customer Relationship Management

This is everything that has to do with customers, the customer card, the order history, all communications to and from the customer, all managed within a single solution.

Content Management System

To better manage the company’s online content, inventory, eCommerce site and everything in between. It integrates with the most important existing platforms such as WordPress and Woocommerce.

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