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web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Why use Google as a marketing channel?

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Why on earth should you use Google to advertise your business? How effective is it?

There are undoubtedly so many channels through which you can get your message across. Work done right is certainly the most important thing in conducting business but today, it is whoever does better marketing who wins.

The fact remains that advertising is a necessity for businesses. From a long experience we can tell you that advertising on Google is effective and flexible and is a great tool to reach exactly the audience you want. Google can offer your service or product to people who are looking for that service or product just when they are ready to buy!

It’s the most elegant way to offer yourself, don’t you think? The prospect is already looking for your service and is being directed to your site!

In the settings you can define the search words that will then make your ad appear, you can set the geographical area, from where the searches will have to arrive for your ad, you can choose what kind of people and with what interest it will be done see your ad.

The ability to hit your target audience is the heart of the service provided by Google.

Furthermore, there are different forms of advertising: it can be text such as an ad, it can be composed of images, it can advertise a video, it can direct the requester to make a call immediately – the possibilities are endless.

Then there is an elaborate system for measuring results. Let’s see exactly what caused which result, which search word is the most effective, which form of advertising brought the most visitors to your site, where the most calls come from.

Based on all of this, we strongly recommend that you use this advertising channel. Gives great results and fast.

What and how much are people looking for in Ticino?

Let’s take a look at the Ticino market. How many people are looking for each month in Ticino, many of whom they could find you and become your customers? Here are some of the search words and how many times they have been searched for by the inhabitants of Ticino in the last month:

Renovation, home or bathroom renovation – 180 searches per month
Tiles, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles – 350 searches
Parquet – 210 searches
Plumber – 110 searches
Gardener, looking for gardener, garden watering, gardeners prices – 150
Bodywork – 260 searches
Change tires, winter tires, winter tires – 400 searches
Bodywork quote, bodywork repair, auto spare parts – 80
Painter, I am looking for a painter, house painter – 140 searches
Transport, transport Ticino – 180 searches
Removals Ticino – 140 searches
Electrician, looking for electrician, electrician quote – 160 searches
Restaurants – 6600 searches
Aesthetics, beautician – 380 searches
Hairdresser – 720 searches
Fitness, gym – 910 searches.

Would you like to know more? We would be happy to help you with your business and marketing.

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