web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona
web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Little Inka with App

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The extraordinary sushi and poké home delivery service offered by Little Inka Bellinzona has now found its online form: on the littleinka.ch website and the Little Inka app!

A website where you can order sushi and compose your own poké, as you like! And to make ordering even easier from your cell phone, we have created the app where you can save your preferences and payment methods, and then you can order lunch or dinner in just a few clicks.

Many interesting things could be said about the UI design for poké composition, or the functionality of the app, but it’s best if you take a look and see for yourself! You can find the site at littleinka.ch and if you are reading us from your cell phone, you can see the app here: Little Inka.