web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona
web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

Edimen + ticinoWEB = POWER

ticinoweb edimen

The partnership with Edimen is now stronger than ever. Edimen will from now on include ticinoWEB products and services in its offer. This collaboration has already yielded some good results ( Sponsorman and other). This is just the beginning of a long and hugely successful career.

Who is Edimen?

Edimen sagl was founded in Switzerland, in Lugano, in 1994, initially dealing with the acquisition of advertising for local newspapers and the planning of advertisements for individual customers.

Over the years, creativity, attention focused on customer needs, the active evolution of the means of communication and the acquisition of new and competent collaborators have allowed our company to grow and explore new professional horizons, helping to make Edimen sagl become a reference brand for anyone who intends to enhance themselves and their business.

Today Edimen sagl is therefore also appreciated synonymous with publishing (editing, advertising, printing and distribution of three of our publications), web design, web hosting and graphics specializing in the creation of advertisements and commercial printed matter.

Since 2016, Edimen srl has been active, based in Fino Mornasco (CO), which has been able to export all the peculiarities that have made Edimen sagl successful in Switzerland across the border. A measurable success with the only yardstick that interests us: the trust of our customers, always looking for a communication capable of anticipating – with emotion and seriousness – every commercial and image need and, at the same time, to highlight the points of strength that each one possesses within himself.

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