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Trendy food and a GOOD coffee during the Locarno Film Festival

inka bistro bar website design

A very popular location, overlooking the Piazza Grande, the central site of the Film Festival and many other summer events-most of you are probably already familiar with theInka Bistrot Bar, where you can find good (and even trendy) food at any time of day. And here’s their new website: inkabistrotbar.ch, created by ticinoWEB, with a […]

New Site for Hello Banana Car Rental

web design for car rental

TicinoWEB does not stop with website implementation during the summer vacations! Recently we published the new website of Hello Banana Rent, a car rental business in Paradiso. On the site one can inquire about the models in the fleet, contact the company and book a car pickup appointment. With a refreshing design, the site stands […]