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A Cool Bar

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Two friends, two artists who decide to open an unusual bar: a bar where they also get tattoos. Check out their new site created by us pokeink.com. The site design reflects the mood of the tattoo world, introduces the two tattoo artists and contains their portfolios with their work. But since it is also a […]

More and more Green, with Pons Solar Energy

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We recently released the new website for Pons Energia Solare, a company specializing in solar energy services for individuals and businesses. We always look forward to promoting the green movement and helping to transition the use of sustainable energy resources. The design of the site features warm colors reminiscent of the sun’s rays, they shine […]

Do you want to achieve your dreams but have no idea where to start?

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One of the latest sites published by ticinoWEB is the Light Coaching site, for personal counseling in business and private areas. Our client, a lover of Japan has also commissioned us the logo of his business, in perfect Japanese key we used the symbol of light, because thanks to Light Coaching you will find your […]