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1, 2, 3 e… Resolved!

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Has one of your devices suddenly stopped working and a mysterious error message appeared? The application we have just developed SOLVED will solve all your problems. Simply scan the error code of your device with your phone’s camera and the page with the solution to your error will appear, directly from the right manual of […]

Hugs Dating’s new app is coming, ready to be a cactus?

hugs dating website

A new dating app is about to catch on in Ticino and beyond. A forum where people can feel comfortable and choose who to relate to. Candidates are divided into different categories of cacti, based on gender but also based on their physical and mental abilities. Here, people with mobility or mental disabilities can also […]

Hugs Dating’s new app is coming, ready to be a cactus?

hugs dating website

Una nuova app di incontri sta per prendere piede in Ticino e non solo. Un forum dove le persone possono sentirsi al loro agio e scegliere con chi relazionarsi. I candidati vengono divisi in diverse categorie di cactus, in base al genere ma anche in base alle loro capacità fisiche e mentali. Qui anche le […]

Spice Oasis Online Shop, discover spices from all over the world!

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Un’oasi tutta da assaporare: l’Oasi delle Spezie è un laboratorio che adesso si presenta con il suo nuovo negozio online di spezie bio, alghe bio, erbe aromatiche bio e sali del mondo. Qui troverai tutte le possibili immaginabili spezie del mondo e nuove miscele di spezie bio. Tutti i prodotti sono unici e naturali al […]

Swiss Jewel is present on internet with their new website

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Established in 1911 and active on the world market, Swiss Jewel has earned its notoriety completely deserved and for those who don’t know them yet, can now inquire on their website! They offer a wide range of high performance products manufactured to customer drawings and specifications. Ceramic components are produced entirely by them, from powder […]