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Specialty Coffee is changing the world of coffee as we know it?

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As true coffee enthusiasts, we present another website dedicated to Specialty Coffee: the website of 47Caffè, a Ticino-based roasting company that offers unique Specialty Coffee roasts and blends. Here you can order consistently fresh and unique coffees and savor aromas you’ve never heard of before.

In fact, Specialty Coffee is not just a food product, it is a movement. It is a philosophy of life, which recognizes the good work of the farmers, operates in harmony with the environment and the human body. The result? More and more people are changing their coffee drinking habits and joining the movement.

Specialty Coffee is:

  • Coffee grown on small farms in the traditional way
  • Coffee beans score above 80 points in quality
  • BIO
  • Medium to light roast
  • Aromatic notes

This is Specialty Coffee and so much more.

47Coffee is an online store where you can place orders for Coffee Specialty, they also offer a monthly subscription where members receive 2 different roasts per month.

A passion for quality coffee is the guarantee of the excellence of 47Coffee’s roasts and blends.

47 stands for the number of parallels where the coffee plant grows; between those above to those below the equator, coffee plantations span 47 parallels.

Would you like some good coffee? Try their blend and enter the world of Specialty Coffee.

Visit the site here : 47coffee.com