web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona
web designer locarno, lugano, bellinzona

New Year, New Website

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In addition to revamping your business goals for 2023, you may also want to give your website a makeover. It may need a facelift from a design perspective, or some additional features, for example you may want to expand it to an eCommerce with online shopping features, or you may want to change it altogether for a completely new image.

If you have been entertaining the idea of giving yourself a makeover for some time, this article is for you.

How can a revamped website be useful for you?

  • conveying a modern image
  • Being up to date from a technical point of view
  • Making possible more visitors from cell phones
  • Pages that load faster and thus lower bounce rates
  • Improved ranking in search results
  • Eventually more quote requests/newsletter sign-ups/purchases on your site

After all, a website is a marketing and sales tool. The design and all technical specifications have only one purpose: to represent your products and services in a way that creates interest in the potential customer.

Let’s start a conversation about what you have in mind.